Chester Racecourse 科技解決方案夥伴

Chester Racecourse 科技解決方案夥伴

導入產品: PT-6212

拍檔科技榮獲英國歷史最悠久賽馬場  Chester Racecourse 科技解決方案夥伴

擁有目前英國保存最完整的古羅馬城牆,城牆外圍有護城河,還有一個創立於 1539 年至今已持續營運 480 年,是世界上歷史最悠久的切斯特賽馬場 (Chester Racecourse)

Partner Tech have a longstanding and trusted relationship with Chester Race Company supplying POS solutions to enable betting facility on the main race track.

As a leading player in the tech sector Partner Tech has a substantial presence at all main global trade shows, however there was a feeling that an association with Chester Race Company and a series of events aimed at top clients could provide further differentiation whilst deepening client relationships and providing a perfect live product showcase for our solutions.

Working together with Chester Race Company we have created a partnership that has enabled us to engage with all stakeholders across the year in an exciting and innovative way.




採用拍檔科技 PT-6212 進行賽馬票券的收銀流程多年,提供賽季間往返頻繁的貴賓及遊客具差異化及深厚的銷售服務,因此獲得 Chester Race 公司官方的正式 IT 夥伴的殊榮,達到嶄新的里程碑,未來將提供更全面的科技解決方案,包括持續推陳出新的 POS 解決方案、以及 BenQ 優質的高解析度的大型 LED 屏幕及數位內容管理平台。

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